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 Farming tips

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PostSubject: Farming tips   Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:09 am

Now you can farm anywhere by bombing grass and collecting the gralats or you can get gralats by slashing the grass. However it is not uncommon for someone to steal your gralats or for a baddie to attack you while you are farming. This is were houses come in. You can bomb the grass as much as you like and no-one (unless you invite them to your house) will be able to steal your gralats. Generally people buy boxes or fences to protect their gralats when they have people at their house. Now bombing the same area a lot without collecting the gralats will means that they steadily gain value and change colour. Green= 1-4 gralats, Blue=5-29 gralats, Red=30-99 gralats, Gold=100-999 gralats, Black=1000-4999 gralats, and Purple=5000-infinity. If you spend maybe a day or so farming you should start to get some gold gralats. The best house for farming is the bottom left one with the second best being the middle left one. This is based on experience and other guides I have read/ what people have said.
(this was originally wrote by darksoul, you can also look up in beginers or beginning guides)
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Farming tips
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