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 Sword Codes List by DARKSOUL

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PostSubject: Sword Codes List by DARKSOUL   Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:11 am

To get these, simply type the code that goes with the picture into the chat box.

Codes: To use the sword in each picture simply type this into the chatbox.
Make sure there are NO captials!
setsword NAMEOFSWORD.png
e.g. The anifreeze-sword it is:
setsword anifreeze-sword.png

Name: 0wned-sword5

Name: 6ice-sword

Name: anifreeze-sword

Name: baddy-ripper-sword

Name: blacknunchucka-sword

Name: blacksaber-sword

Name: bloodflame-sword

Name: blueflame-sword

Name: bluelunar-sword

Name: boltsword

Name: broadgoldsword

Name: broad-sword

Name: broom-sword

Name: candycane-sword

Name: chainsaw-sword

Name: chucky-sword

Name: claw-sword

Name: claws-sword

Name: clopssword1-sword

Name: clouddragon-sword

Name: cyrix-rainbow6nightstick-sword

Name: darkflame-sword

Name: darkninji-sword

Name: dark-sword

Name: davidspear-sword

Name: deathscythe-sword

Name: death-sword

Name: doomhammer-sword

Name: dragon-sword

Name: dronan-sword

Name: exenth-sword

Name: faqx-sword

Name: fishsword

Name: flash2-sword

Name: fusion-sword

Name: galensword

Name: greenflame-sword

Name: green-sword

Name: gunblade-sword

Name: hand-sword

Name: ice-sword

Name: iganinja-sword

Name: jenova-sword

Name: jjjk-sword

Name: kama-sickle-sword

Name: katanasword

Name: kirath-kikuimoji-sword

Name: kirath-rapier-sword

Name: kraken-sword

Name: lightning-sword

Name: lightsaber1-sword

Name: lightsaber2-sword

Name: lightsaber3-sword

Name: lightsaber4-sword

Name: lightsaber5-sword

Name: linkson-flame-sword

Name: linkson-glass-sword

Name: luminar-sword

Name: morningstar-sword

Name: m-sword

Name: mtekclaw-sword

Name: noxmagic-sword

Name: noxviking-sword

Name: pillow-sword

Name: plasmasaber-sword

Name: rainbowsword

Name: ryu-dark-sword

Name: shu-sword

Name: sm-sword

Name: static-sword

Name: sticksword

Name: supersaber-sword

Name: sword2

Name: sword3

Name: swordc-ultimose3

Name: swordscypher-sword

Name: swordsplasma-sword

Name: sword-sword

Name: takuball-sword

Name: trident-sword

Name: vampx-sword

Name: vine-sword

Name: viper-sword

Name: yo-yo-sword

Name: zantetsuken-sword[i]
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Sword Codes List by DARKSOUL
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