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 Shield Codes List by DARKSOUL

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PostSubject: Shield Codes List by DARKSOUL   Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:31 am

To get these, simply type the code that goes with the picture into the chat box.

Codes: To use the shield in each picture simply type this into the chatbox.
Make sure there are NO captials!
setshield NAMEOFSHIELD.png
e.g. The anibeedoe-shield.png it is:
setshield anibeedoe-shield.png

Name: 2k1police-shield

Name: 6axe-shield

Name: anibeedoe-shield

Name: ardaenfire-shield

Name: armor-shield

Name: azraelzelshield01

Name: baddy-shield

Name: baiken-shield

Name: bass-shield

Name: beer-n-tie-shield

Name: bee-shield

Name: bf-shield3

Name: blackscabbard-shield

Name: black-scabbard-shield

Name: blackshield

Name: blingbling-shield

Name: bloodkane-shield

Name: blueani-shield

Name: bluefire-shield

Name: bomb-shield

Name: bouncingball-shield

Name: bunnyplush-shield

Name: camera-shield

Name: chucky-shield

Name: claw-shield

Name: clipboard-shield

Name: comedymagic-shield

Name: comet-shield

Name: crown-shield

Name: cyrix-rainbow6gun-shield

Name: dagger-shield

Name: darkjays-frog-shield

Name: darkjs-pda-shield

Name: darkman-shield

Name: darkshield

Name: da-shield

Name: deathscythe-shield

Name: delta-rubeus-shield

Name: demonplush-shield

Name: doggy-shield

Name: doom-shield

Name: dragon-shield

Name: dragontereas-shield

Name: drsmileysfire-shield

Name: dustariblue-shield

Name: dustarired-shield

Name: eboru-infernal-shield

Name: egg-shield

Name: faceani2-shield

Name: falconglove-shield

Name: faqx-staff-shield

Name: faygo-shield

Name: fifi-cute-shield

Name: flaming-shield

Name: flash-shield

Name: floatingorbstaff-shield

Name: geovanieie-shield

Name: god-shield

Name: goldshield2

Name: greenflm-shield

Name: gun-shield

Name: hand-shield

Name: heartbeat-shield

Name: heartclear-big-shield

Name: hellsinging-shield3

Name: highautomaticgun-shield

Name: highgreen-shield

Name: holy-shield

Name: hot-shield

Name: invisishield2-shield

Name: jk-staff-shield

Name: justice-shield

Name: kama-sickle-shield

Name: kawaiistaff-shield

Name: kirath-kikuimoji-shield

Name: kirath-shield

Name: krakenbig-shield

Name: kreep-shield

Name: lamers2-shield

Name: leaf-shield

Name: lighter-shield

Name: lightsaber1-shield

Name: linkson-phoenix-shield

Name: litshield

Name: longtie-shield

Name: mad-shield

Name: maruaspinkshield

Name: matt-shield

Name: microphone-shield

Name: moggleplush-shield

Name: mooshfishbowl-shield

Name: mynana-shield

Name: newmoon-shield

Name: ninjatabiclaw-shield

Name: noxkatana-shield

Name: noxswede-shield

Name: nyc1shield

Name: omegabasix-bigshield

Name: pagobubble-shield

Name: pmshield-shield

Name: procam-shield

Name: pyroxen_shield

Name: r00tstaff-shield

Name: raand-shield

Name: rainbow-shield

Name: rat-shield

Name: redtrifast-shield

Name: roman-tower-shield

Name: roy-shield

Name: russian-shield

Name: sai-shield

Name: sai-shield-1

Name: sash-lute-shield

Name: scabbard-shield

Name: sf-star-shield

Name: sheep-shield

Name: shield2

Name: shield154

Name: shield155

Name: shielddragon

Name: shieldofgold

Name: shieldwooden

Name: skullbig-shield

Name: skullstaff-shield

Name: sm-shield

Name: snake-shield

Name: snowball-shield

Name: soda-shield

Name: soulreaver-shield

Name: spike-shield

Name: staff-shield

Name: static-shield

Name: stone-shield

Name: suit-shield

Name: sunamistaff-shield

Name: swat-shield

Name: tenshi-shield

Name: tivefex2-shield

Name: tri-cool-shield.gif

Name: walkdoggy-bigshield

Name: whirlpool-shield

Name: wolf-shield

Name: yoyo-shield

Name: zeroscythe-shield

Name: zero-shield

Name: zr0-shield

Name: z-shield
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Shield Codes List by DARKSOUL
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