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 Beginners By lauren

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PostSubject: Beginners By lauren   Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:55 am

ok for ppl who just joined, to change your look, click on yourself and there should be a button in the bottom right corner that says edit, click on that, then to change your name, gender, flag, or email (optional) it will be on the information page, on options, well your options, look, you can change your head, clothes, if you have the customization pack (ill talk about that in a moment) you can change your clothes color, an item in your hand, (only a few manual, rest are codes, need codes?! Go to sword or shield codes page).
Ok, the customization pack, if you haven’t gotten graal plus, and just got the free version, you can get a customization pack. This gives you lots of different head choices, shield choices, even hat choices (you CANNOT get any different hats unless you are an admin)
lets see if this makes sense to u Very Happy
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Beginners By lauren
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